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Playball Classes Age 2 to 3 classes - Sports Toddler Classes Our toddler classes focus is on laying the basic foundation of movement in order to enable your child to accomplish more challenging sport-related skills as they progress through the Playball programmes.

Age 3 to 4 classes - Sports for Kids Programme A healthy balance is maintained between fun and learning as your child is introduced to basic movement and sport development skills which will lay the foundation for future, successful sports participation.

Age 4 to 5 classes - Fun Activities for Kids The main activities emphasis is on mastering a wide variety of sport and movement skills with the balance between participation and the quality of each skill.

Age 5 to 6 classes - Kids Clubs and Classes In addition to fine-tuning skills developed in the previous Playball stages your child will practice more demanding specialised sports skills and formalised sport drills with an emphasis on refining the quality of the skill and movement.

Age 6 to 8 classes - Funfilled Sports After School Clubs This programme teaches the intricate skills needed to play our main ball sports of football, netball, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball, cricket and baseball/softball.

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