About Us

All our programmes are movement and development based, and have a scientific base.  We work according to well researched principles of early childhood development.  All our activities are based on scientifically accepted age norms to ensure that our members are taught according to critical periods/windows of development.

The 3 programmes we offer for your child are:

Play This Way

This program incorporates both our Fun 2 B 1 and our Early 2 programmes.  They are movement focused - we teach, support and facilitate the development of stability, locomotion and manipulation.


All the programs been developed, improved and re-designed over the past 25 years resulting in a coaching system that is educational and appropriate in every aspect. The programs are age specific, with each of our programs taking into account the difference in the cognitive, emotional and social development of the children taught in each age group.

Playball© offers 6 different sport and movement programs for boys and girls between the ages of two and eight. All of the programs are taught in a fun-filled, energetic and positive environment and for the last 25 years children from all over the world have enjoyed the positive impact that our programs have had on their lives.

At face value Playball© programs seem to have only two main objectives - improving basic movement skills and refining sport skills and techniques. However the success of this seemingly “sport program” is in actual fact that through competent sports participation, achieved through sound coaching principles, children secure a solid base from which to develop many other and more important aspects of their lives.


Of late there is unprecedented support for Physical Education from a number of sources outside of the global education systems.  The time has come when it is necessary to challenge the time accepted norm that Physical Educaton is a kind of play period for students to run off steam and learn traditional team sports.  Although much of the curriculum in a PE programme is spent playing games and learning the basics of traditional ball sports, there are many aspects of childhood development that need urgent attention.    At present societal norms are encouraging the youth to become more sedentary.  There are challenges facing the progress of PE such as;

  • limited availability of qualified, specialised PE teachers
  • limited budget allocation
  • Equipment availability to ensure a maximum learning experience for each student
  • wide range of skill ability and experience combination in the same chronological age
  • inadequate facilities
  • research reveals the socio-economic impact on overall chid development

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