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Dinkies Playball programme overview

The main activities emphasis is on mastering a wide variety of sport and movement skills with the balance between participation and the quality of each skill.

This programme provides fun activities for kids to practice individual skills more rigorously, which subsequently develops competence and starts to develop muscle memory. In addition to practicing these skills more thoroughly, we begin to introduce skill sequencing - which is the process of stringing individual skills together to form a sequence of skills - the foundation of all sports.

An example would be the forehand shot in tennis. The shot is not performed on its own. The Playballer has to move into position beforehand using a variety of locomotive movements, perform the forehand shot, follow through, and then again move into position to hit the next shot. The more fluid these skills, movements and transitions are, the more successful the Playballer will be as a tennis player.

Your kids will benefit from the Dinkies programme in many ways and have lots of fun, but importantly they will also:

  • Develop a wide range of sport skills through fun activities
  • Understand individual participation
  • Overcome fears that discourage sports participation
  • Introduced to organised sport specific skills and activities

Life orientation principles encouraged:

Kids able to play in a groupAppear to feel good about themselvesSetting small goals to achieve a task
Communicates readily with the coachSelf-Confident to keep tryingAttentive in the class
Being pleased when team mates do wellPositive interactions with team matesAcknowledge best efforts of team mates
Confident to stand in front of classHappy to participate in skills they do not likeListen to instructions from the coach
--Able to choose a partner
--Able to practise a skill on their own

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