5 year old program

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Preps Playball programme overview

In addition to fine-tuning skills developed in the previous Playball stages your child will practice more demanding specialised sports skills and formalised sport drills with an emphasis on refining the quality of the skill and movement.

Team work and leadership development

There are a number of exercises that include partner work to provide the children with an introduction to team work, and they will also begin to develop their own decision-making in a game situation. Preps learn to work together as a unit to achieve a common goal and begin to take small leadership roles.

Playing small-sided sports games is very exciting for Playballers and they learn how to win and lose graciously. Here is a summary of what this kids clubs programme will deliver:

  • More technical development of the skills related to the sports we teach focusing on contact and release points and finish.
  • Introduction to team work and continued development of partner work.
  • Development of decision making in a game situation.

What Preps would have achieved by the end of this programme

By the end of the kids club programme, we can confidently state that Playball and its unique teaching methods have definitely made an active contribution to your child's development. The educational nature of our programme helps consolidate all learning into a solid foundation.

This age group is a particularly exciting time in your child's life - the fundamental building blocks are now in place and form the base for progress in all aspects of formal and informal learning, whether in academics, social or cultural. And what's even better, they have now developed a healthy and positive association with sport!

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